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May-June Release!

"The Anne Marie"

Newfoundlands are considered to be one of the most loyal breed of dogs. It is said that once one of the giant water-dogs bonds with a human, they can never bond with another. Atticus Stockton is a Newfoundland who loses his precious master in the sinking of a fishing boat off of Maine's rocky coast. Now alone, Atticus finds that he is unwanted, and as the big dog struggles to find a new home he is also plagued with the dreams from his once perfect world. Can he find a home, and if he does can he ever love another human again?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Which would you choose?


  1. Izzy, I like the second one mainly because of the lighthouse on the back cover. But also your name on the same one is cool over the light green. The orange binding would stand out better too if that ended up being the only thing showing on a book shelf.

    The first one does have more of an "adult looking" appeal with its darker tones and luring mysteriousness. The sunset is smaller than the second which compliments the first part of the book (dark and stormy).

    I'm still gonna go with the second one I think. Good luck :)

    It's coming together buddy. Very exciting!!!

  2. I just asked Joe and he agrees. He likes the warm colors and he thinks the art is better. I swear I didn't influence him :)

    But then again he and I are very much alike.

  3. I prefer the top one. The title fits nicely in the sky area and doesn't get lost in the image.

    When flipping over to the back cover, the lighthouse is much more enticing than the rectangle.

  4. The one for me is the one with the lighthouse on the back. It catches your eye if you had the front and back showing at the same time.

  5. A very hard choice! The lighthouse is nice altho I see the type easier to read on the simple ocean design. The green box giving a nice contrast to the rest of the cover. The orange border nice on the lighthouse version, and as your friend pointed out easy to see/read on a bookshelf. I think it takes away from the dog, boxing the dog in with the orange top and side.
    I feel the dog blends well into the sunset on the first one with your name and binder text in white, it shows up well. Title in green easy to read. It is the cover we will see first. I am voting for the first one with your name at the top. Looking forward to your decision and the release of this book.

  6. Israel

    I am a good friend of Elizabeth Nelson's and a writer. From a marketing view with your first book the book title next to the dog is the heart of your story, if I understand the story.

    The title is more important for the moment, than the unknown author's name. When you have several good books in the market place, readers will look eagerly for your name as well as the title.

    Today only the words James Patterson sells his books, the reader knows they want his work.

    I pray you get to that point; for now the title has to catch the new reader to want to read this new book. The reader may not know it is your first book until they read the small type. It is what hooks them to buy and read the small print later that I believe makes the difference.

    I signed on to get your blog updates but somehow it did not get through. Will try again. Best of luck in this new adventure. I look forward to reading your work!

  7. To All,

    Thank you for all your posts. I appreciate the comments. I believe I am going to go with the second cover although I am going to make some modifications.

    @ Mary Elizabeth,

    Thank you for comments, and words of encouragement. I too hope one day that my name at the top of a book cover will inspire people to pick it up and read what I have to say. This first book, although about dog, is very personal to me and there is a lot more of me between the lines of this story that anyone could possibly imagine.


    Israel J Parker