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May-June Release!

"The Anne Marie"

Newfoundlands are considered to be one of the most loyal breed of dogs. It is said that once one of the giant water-dogs bonds with a human, they can never bond with another. Atticus Stockton is a Newfoundland who loses his precious master in the sinking of a fishing boat off of Maine's rocky coast. Now alone, Atticus finds that he is unwanted, and as the big dog struggles to find a new home he is also plagued with the dreams from his once perfect world. Can he find a home, and if he does can he ever love another human again?

Monday, March 7, 2011


Artist: Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

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  1. A little explanation on these, the process is collaged hand painted paper over an acrylic under painting on wood panel. All these tiny bits of torn up paper were painted by stamping, splattering, dry brushing and other various techniques, with Golden fluid acrylics. The glue that I use to adhere the paper to the panel is shiny... and the photos were taken in the very late afternoon.. in the end there will be no glare and the art will look like a painting. Stay tuned for the final reveal!